IZY bottles

IZY Kids 350 ML Bottles


A revolutionary thermos bottle for children! Where normally your child could never enjoy a cold drink at school, this is now a thing of the past! Cold milk and water, or a delicious apple juice, what could a child want more? The IZY Kids thermos flask keeps your drink cold for 24 hours, is 100% leak-free, and is of course BPA-free!

Design your own bottle

Your IZY Kids thermos flask arrives blanc, including a sticker sheet. This means that you and your child can design the bottle together, the way your child wants! So make it completely according to your own wishes!

Hand wash only

With all our bottles we suggest cleaning them by hand. A little bit of hot water and a cloth is enough!

Everything in a row

- Design your bottle together completely according to your wishes

- cold for 24 hours

- 100% CO2 neutral

- 100% BPA-free

- 100% leak-free-‚-