Love + One International 💚 Dandy Lions Tee Shirt

Love + One International 💚 Dandy Lions Tee Shirt

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A favorite way to celebrate our 13th Birthday - with a shirt where ALL the monies go directly to one of our favorite organizations.  
Designed by Caroline Carver and printed with an ombré look on high quality oatmeal tri-blend from All Star Outfitters  

About Love + One:
When someone needs emergency medical attention in the U.S. help is just a phone call away. But in remote regions in Uganda, there's no such thing as 911. When children in these villages become critically ill because of malnourishment or infections like malaria, HIV and tuberculosis. their parents feel desperate. Paralyzed by their lack of medical resources, this is where Love One steps in to help.

- Our community liasions alert us when a child becomes critically ill so we can coordinate emergency access to life- saving healthcare.

- When the children are stable they're transferred to the Love One Center to fully recuperate and their parents learn about basic healthcare, nutrition and hygiene.

-Restored to health, children return home to grateful families and joyful communitites. Love One offers ongoing support through nutritional education, family strengthening and spiritual programs.