Southern Socks

Southern Socks


Southern Socks is based in Lexington, Kentucky, and was founded by the folks behind Kentucky for Kentucky. Maybe you’ve seen their world famous Y’ALL shirts? Or how about their fried-chicken scented candles? They once tried to crowdfund a Super Bowl commercial for Kentucky and rebrand the state, all without anyone’s permission. Needless to say, they love the South and know a thing or two about state pride.

That’s why, when people couldn’t get enough of the Y’ALL and Kentucky State Shape socks, they knew they had to launch Southern Socks to expand upon these kick-ass designs and represent every state in the South.

All of their high-quality socks are proudly made in the USA.

Rock Out With Your Southern Socks Out!

  • One-size-fits-all.
  • Men's Shoe ~6-12.
  • Made in the USA.