Cascada Handblown Cocktail Glass - Set of 4


We are Cascada Stemless Glasses, named after the beauty of Costa Rica’s waterfalls.

Yes we know, we’re just clear. But sometimes the simplest of things are the most beautiful! We are refined, elegant, and crystal clear. Literally, because we’re made of crystal.

We began as hot globs in a fiery furnace, and were carefully molded, spun, and shaped by the hands of humans into what we are today.

We come as a set of four in beautifully designed luxury packaging. 

Dimensions: H: 3.4" x W: 3" 

Capacity: 14oz (400mL) 

Colors: Clear

Handblown Lead-Free Crystal.  Hand wash only.

Cascada Stemless Glass (Set of 4) by Byrdeen