Created By

Created By Silk Wrap


Silk Hair.Wrist.Neck.Hat.Bag. Wrap

So many fun to ways to wear + use this silk wrap. Tie on your bag or in your hair... wrap around your neck or wrist... the Under the Magnolia Tree design honors the beauty of softness of its namesake. Two unique designs are featured, one on each side. 

ORIGINAL ART by Michelle Vinson hand-drawn in her Shohola, PA studio. 

“Allow your mind to wander. The best ideas come from moments of forced unplugging.”
 Michelle Vinson

BEAUTIFUL GIFT PACKAGING: Each silk wrap is packaged ready to send joy, confidence, hope and love out into the world. 

Created By is a team of emerging, women artists that beautifully create original artwork - each with a unique style and beautiful story to tell. Learn more here