Mezclada Handblown Champagne Flute Glass Set


Hola! We are Mezclada Champagne Glasses, which means ‘mixed’ in Spanish. 

We are a mix of each of the colors in the Costarriqueña Collection: Flora, Quetzal, Cielo, and Rio. With our distinctive colors you will know exactly which of us is yours, and we'll be locatable from across the room.  It’s a win-win. Well actually, a win-win-win-win because there are four of us.

We began as hot globs in a fiery furnace, and were carefully molded, spun, and shaped by the hands of humans into what we are today.

We come as a set of four in beautifully designed luxury packaging, ready to make your acquaintance. Cheers!

  • Handblown Lead-Free Crystal
  • Gift Ready in Luxury Packaging
  • Hand Wash Only
  • 7oz (200mL) Capacity
  • H: 24cm  W: 7.5cm