Nod Pod Sleep Mask


Find some blissful shuteye under this lightly weighted, supersoft-fleece sleep mask designed to alleviate stress and anxiety.

A completely different kind of sleep mask, the Nodpod Weighted Sleep Mask works like a gentle weighted blanket to impart an instant sense of calm. The secret: four pods filled with microbeads. By conforming to your face and targeting key pressure points, Nodpod helps relieve tension, soothe nerves and promote relaxation so you can sleep. The wrap self-secures with a simple pull-through design and ends are flat to provide comfort no matter what your sleep position. You can even store the Nodpod mask in the freezer. It'll emerge soft and cozy every time.

  • Cooling jersey cotton side reverses to warm microfiber

  • Microbead filling provides gentle deep touch pressure to relieve tension

  • Secures without straps or elastic; comfortable for any sleeping position

  • Machine-washable