Etta B Pottery

Oval Spoon Rest


Handcrafted pieces by Etta B Pottery always make the perfect gift or addition to your home. Functional combines with beautiful to create this charming Spoon Rest, guaranteed to make a statement sitting next to your stove. 


A brand that’s synonymous with the south, Etta B Pottery takes its roots seriously, right down to the name. Just like the small town in Mississippi from which it received its namesake, Etta B Pottery is all about the understated and raw beauty that shines in places that are just a bit rough around the edges. Blooming from a one-woman band to an established artisan company in the years that it has loved and served the south, Etta B Pottery creates heirloom-quality stoneware pieces that are designed to be loved, and admired, for a lifetime.

How It's Made

What makes this pottery line so beautiful is the amount of time that goes into each individual piece. Using clay, each piece of pottery is handmade, hand dried, and hand-painted to ensure the highest level of quality and craftsmanship.